About your meat – Mason Reward 6 December 2013

Dear Customer, I would like to thank you for purchasing one of our beef boxes and helping us as we diversify into beef retailing.  The beef in this box has come from a pedigree Holstein Frisian heifer, ear tag number 1747 whose pedigree name was Mason Reward.  Mason was born on 15th June 2010 asContinue reading “About your meat – Mason Reward 6 December 2013”

MEYC Farm Produce Survey 2013 – Results

Farm Produce Survey to MEYC parents – July 2013 In July 2013 we sent a survey out to the parents and staff at Madresfield Early Years Centre (MEYC) to assess what demand there would be for food produced on the farm.  We have summarised the results of the survey below and put some comments onContinue reading “MEYC Farm Produce Survey 2013 – Results”

Beef Box Trial proved a great success

Last month we experimented selling some of our own beef in a beef box trial.  As a dairy farm we do not specialise in rearing beef animals, however we quite often have dairy cows who don’t perform in the milking parlour and need a career change quite early on while they are still nice andContinue reading “Beef Box Trial proved a great success”