Reward Scheme – Beef Tokens

We have notice we have a lot of repeat customers already and are delighted people have come back for more and have devised a loyalty reward scheme in the form of “Beef Tokens” to show our appreciation.

20131203_Beef Token

With every box you purchase you will be given Beef Tokens, keep these safe until you order your next box.  Then when you collect it you can trade the Beef Tokens in for free beef.  You will get 1 Beef Token with a 2kg box, 2 with a 2.5kg box and 3 with a 5kg box.

3 tokens are worth either a brisket, mince, dice or braising pack;

5 tokens a prime joint;

6 tokens a steak pack; and

9 tokens a Rib on bone.

We are also offering you more free beef if you help us to grown and find more customers. If you write your name on the “Tell a Friend” flyer and give it to a friend who then orders their first box, we will give each of you 3 Beef Tokens or you can trade them in for beef immediately (your friend has to be a new customer for this to be valid).

Tell a friend flyer

Any questions please send an email and we will try and explain it better!