About your meat – Mason Reward 6 December 2013

Dear Customer,

I would like to thank you for purchasing one of our beef boxes and helping us as we diversify into beef retailing.  The beef in this box has come from a pedigree Holstein Frisian heifer, ear tag number 1747 whose pedigree name was Mason Reward.  Mason was born on 15th June 2010 as a twin to a bull calf.  With cattle breeding if a cow has mixed sexed twins then about 95% of the time the daughter will sadly be infertile and is known as a “free martin” . The testosterone produced by the bull calf in the womb interferes with the heifer calf’s development, and as a result the heifer will often grown very big and strong, but will rarely get in calf.  We reared Mason on the off chance she would conceive and enter the dairy herd.  Sadly a milking career wasn’t meant to be, so instead Mason has spent three and a half years enjoying the succulent Madresfield pastures and relaxing in the barn while she grew to her full size of 650kg.  If Mason was kept for much longer her meat would begin to toughen and she wouldn’t grow much bigger so we drove her down to our nearest commercial abattoir in Cinderford, Gloucestershire (30 miles) on 20th November where she was slaughtered and delivered to LDA Meats Ltd. in Ledbury. The meat has hung there for 14 days until this Wednesday when it was butchered, packed and returned to the farm to be sorted into the boxes.

We have another 2 young dairy cows, who are sadly not going to make it into the herd and are destined for boxes.  We aim to have the next one ready for mid February. We have also started to keep some of our beef calves to give us a more regular supply of young succulent cows and the first one is due to mature next Autumn.  It is our aim to supply meat boxes on a regular monthly basis and develop a strong local customer base.

Nearly half of this months customers had a box as part of our trial.  We are delighted you have come back for more and have devised a loyalty reward scheme in the form of “Beef Tokens” to show our appreciation.  With every box you purchase you will be given Beef Tokens, keep these safe until you order your next box.  Then when you collect it you can trade the Beef Tokens in for free beef.  You will get 1 Beef Token with a 2kg box, 2 with a 2.5kg box and 3 with a 5kg box. 3 tokens are worth either a brisket, mince, dice or braising pack, 5 tokens a prime joint, 6 tokens a steak pack and 9 tokens a Rib on bone. We are also offering you more free beef if you help us to grown and find more customers. If you give the “Tell a Friend” flyer to a friend who then orders their first box, we will give each of you 3 Beef Tokens or you can trade them in for beef immediately.  Make sure we have your email address though so we can notify you easily if a friend has handed your flyer in. We have also created a facebook page:  www.facebook.com/BennettsfarmsUK if you like the page we will give you an extra Beef Token next time you collect a box.

I sincerely hope you are impressed by the quality of the meat and decide you want to become a regular customer.  Please send us an email (info@bennettsfarms.co.uk) if you want be put on our mailing list and we will let you know next time we have a cow ready for boxes  and notify you if a Tell a Friend flyer has been handed in.

Kind regards,

Tristan Bennett