Frozen Beef – on sale now

I have finally got around to getting labels and an extra freezer, so we are now all ready to sell frozen beef.


We have discounted the fresh prices by around 10-20% for the frozen beef and we are doing buy two get one free on the mince and dice.

We have the following cuts in stock:

  • Brisket joints
  • Rib on bones
  • Prime joints

Have a look at our price list below:


Please call into the Ice Cream shop at Hayswood Farm between 9am -5pm on a week day if you want some. If you can only come at another time, please send me an email with your number and I will give you a call back to arrange a pick up or drop off.

20140226_Frozen Beef Price List 2014

20140226_Frozen Beef Price List 2014