Beef Box Trial proved a great success

Beef box trial joint
A topside joint ready for Sunday roast

Last month we experimented selling some of our own beef in a beef box trial.  As a dairy farm we do not specialise in rearing beef animals, however we quite often have dairy cows who don’t perform in the milking parlour and need a career change quite early on while they are still nice and tender! In the past we have either sent these off to the abattoir or kept them back to stock the family freezer. People often comment on the quality of the beef when they are around for dinner, so we decided to try and sell some in October.

We sold about 100kg of the cow mainly to family and friends and kept the rest to restock our freezer. The meat was butchered and packaged in Ledbury by LDA Meats who did a really professional job. We have had lots of positive feedback about the meat particularly for the fillet steaks which were divine.

2.5kg beef box
A 2.5kg beef box: a joint, 2 steaks, mince, dice and braising

We have been doing some work on the website since the trial and we should hopefully be up and running with online ordering and a paypal account ready to start taking orders for our next cow on Monday 18th November.   The meat should be delivered back and be ready for collection by 6th December in time for all those family meals over Christmas.

If you would like some you can order here right now.