1.2kg Rib on Bone Joint

1.2kg Rib on Bone Joint


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A large and very tasty beef on the bone joint. Ideal for a roast when you need something a bit bigger on a special occasion. We get 8 of these per cow, but they are too big for boxes so we sell them individually and at a bargin. We sell them at £15/kg and you only pay for the first 1.2kg or each joint

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We typically get 8 rib on bone joints per cow.  These are large joints of meat still on the bone, which are great for a special occasion.  The joints range in size from 1.2- 1.5kg but we only charge for the first 1.2kg. We charge £15/kg which was better than Tesco’s price last time we checked.

All meat is bred and reared on our farm in Malvern. We then drive the animals down to the abattoir ourselves to minimise their stress. The meat is then hung for 2 to 3 weeks at LDA Meats in Ledbury who then butcher the meat and return it to us vacuum packed and labeled. We then sort out the meat into boxes ready for you to pick up.  We use a mixture of young Holstein Friesian cows and Aberdeen Angus cross heifers all reared on a forage based diet.


2 reviews for 1.2kg Rib on Bone Joint

  1. Stefania Fulford

    The Rib on Bone was fantastically delicious. Recommended for an extra special Sunday roast, and very reasonably priced compared to what you would pay at a local butchers

  2. Marilyn Middleton Mellor

    The rib roast we had for Christmas was Amazing! It had more flavor than any other I have ever had. All of the meat in our box was wonderful and we are ordering again. It pays to know where your meat comes from. We raised a glass in a toast to the wonderful beast who graced our table.

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