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Beef Box Recipes – Issue 1

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Summer 2014 on the farm

We have had a very busy time over the summer 2014 on the farm. We started to grow our young heifers quicker in 2013 by increasing their feed which has meant we could put them out with the bull sooner and get them producing milk at just over 2 years old as opposed to 2.5 to 3 years old.






This has meant we have had a surge of new heifers into the herd early this year and over the summer.  Our herd has now grown from 180 to 240 cows which has meant quite a bit more work feeding and milking them.  We have also been making some new housing for them which will be finished in the next couple of weeks.  These extra girls will eat a lot more food over the winter, so we have had to rent some extra land and grow more forage.  Luckily the weather has been very kind to us this year so far and it has been a good growing year. We just wish the same could be said for the milk price which is now falling at a very alarming rate.



Our Aberdeen Angus calves are now getting big, the oldest is now 500kg and we have started the largest 3 on a finishing ration to get them ready for beef boxes.  We are hoping the first one of them will be ready before Christmas.  In the mean time we are going to use some of the young diary cows who are in need of a career change! We took on to the abattoir on 18th September, her meat will be ready for boxes on 10th October, so get your orders in now!



We have made good but slow […]

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Frozen Beef – on sale now

I have finally got around to getting labels and an extra freezer, so we are now all ready to sell frozen beef.


We have discounted the fresh prices by around 10-20% for the frozen beef and we are doing buy two get one free on the mince and dice.

We have the following cuts in stock:

Brisket joints
Rib on bones
Prime joints

Have a look at our price list below:


Please call into the Ice Cream shop at Hayswood Farm between 9am -5pm on a week day if you want some. If you can only come at another time, please send me an email with your number and I will give you a call back to arrange a pick up or drop off.

20140226_Frozen Beef Price List 2014


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How to leave a Review


A few people have been in touch asking how to leave a review about the meat.  I would be really grateful if you could leave a review you can either give a review of a specific product which will appear on the item, or you can leave a general review as a post.  I have included links below to make it easier:

Rib on bone joint

2kg family box

2.5kg premium box

5kg premium box

At the moment there are no reviews on the items so I would be really grateful for some feedback.

Post a review about the last cows meat in general 

You can do this as a comment at the bottom of the post about Mason Reward, the last cow. The comment will then be submitted to the administrator to accept and it will then appear at the bottom of the post.

If you leave a review I will give you an extra beef token with your next box. This is our new Reward Scheme you can save these up you exchange them for free beef.


Many thanks



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Reward Scheme – Beef Tokens

We have notice we have a lot of repeat customers already and are delighted people have come back for more and have devised a loyalty reward scheme in the form of “Beef Tokens” to show our appreciation.

With every box you purchase you will be given Beef Tokens, keep these safe until you order your next box.  Then when you collect it you can trade the Beef Tokens in for free beef.  You will get 1 Beef Token with a 2kg box, 2 with a 2.5kg box and 3 with a 5kg box.

3 tokens are worth either a brisket, mince, dice or braising pack;

5 tokens a prime joint;

6 tokens a steak pack; and

9 tokens a Rib on bone.

We are also offering you more free beef if you help us to grown and find more customers. If you write your name on the “Tell a Friend” flyer and give it to a friend who then orders their first box, we will give each of you 3 Beef Tokens or you can trade them in for beef immediately (your friend has to be a new customer for this to be valid).

Tell a friend flyer

Any questions please send an email and we will try and explain it better!


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About your meat – Mason Reward 6 December 2013

Dear Customer,

I would like to thank you for purchasing one of our beef boxes and helping us as we diversify into beef retailing.  The beef in this box has come from a pedigree Holstein Frisian heifer, ear tag number 1747 whose pedigree name was Mason Reward.  Mason was born on 15th June 2010 as a twin to a bull calf.  With cattle breeding if a cow has mixed sexed twins then about 95% of the time the daughter will sadly be infertile and is known as a “free martin” . The testosterone produced by the bull calf in the womb interferes with the heifer calf’s development, and as a result the heifer will often grown very big and strong, but will rarely get in calf.  We reared Mason on the off chance she would conceive and enter the dairy herd.  Sadly a milking career wasn’t meant to be, so instead Mason has spent three and a half years enjoying the succulent Madresfield pastures and relaxing in the barn while she grew to her full size of 650kg.  If Mason was kept for much longer her meat would begin to toughen and she wouldn’t grow much bigger so we drove her down to our nearest commercial abattoir in Cinderford, Gloucestershire (30 miles) on 20th November where she was slaughtered and delivered to LDA Meats Ltd. in Ledbury. The meat has hung there for 14 days until this Wednesday when it was butchered, packed and returned to the farm to be sorted into the boxes.

We have another 2 young dairy cows, who are sadly not going to make it into the herd and are destined for boxes.  We aim to have the next one ready for […]

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MEYC Farm Produce Survey 2013 – Results

Farm Produce Survey to MEYC parents – July 2013
In July 2013 we sent a survey out to the parents and staff at Madresfield Early Years Centre (MEYC) to assess what demand there would be for food produced on the farm.  We have summarised the results of the survey below and put some comments on what influence the results have had on our future plans.  It has been really helpful, thank you to all of you who took the trouble to fill it in.

Out of the 122 People who responded 109 suggested they would consider buying milk MEYC.  This was much more positive than we anticipated and suggests there may be potential to retail milk at the centre.


Amongst the 112 potential milk buyers, cartons were considerably more popular than a vending machine, with only 34 people suggesting that they would buy milk if it was supplied in a vending machine.  Unfortunately supplying milk in cartons requires considerable additional cost as a bottling machine would be needed.


As expected semi skimmed was the most popular followed by whole then skimmed, suggesting MEYC milk tastes are broadly in line with the national average.  This suggests that a separator would also be required so that we could produce the different types of milk.  Unfortunately only 14 people wanted natural milk which is the only milk type we could produce without incurring the cost of a separator.


If everyone buys the amount of milk they suggested then this would equate to approximately 420 litres per week during term time. If we assume a milk price of 70p/l is acceptable to all of the respondents then this would provide an additional margin of around £6,000 per year over […]

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Beef Box Trial proved a great success

Last month we experimented selling some of our own beef in a beef box trial.  As a dairy farm we do not specialise in rearing beef animals, however we quite often have dairy cows who don’t perform in the milking parlour and need a career change quite early on while they are still nice and tender! In the past we have either sent these off to the abattoir or kept them back to stock the family freezer. People often comment on the quality of the beef when they are around for dinner, so we decided to try and sell some in October.

We sold about 100kg of the cow mainly to family and friends and kept the rest to restock our freezer. The meat was butchered and packaged in Ledbury by LDA Meats who did a really professional job. We have had lots of positive feedback about the meat particularly for the fillet steaks which were divine.

We have been doing some work on the website since the trial and we should hopefully be up and running with online ordering and a paypal account ready to start taking orders for our next cow on Monday 18th November.   The meat should be delivered back and be ready for collection by 6th December in time for all those family meals over Christmas.

If you would like some you can order here right now.

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You can collect your orders from Hayswood Farm (WR13 5AA) or we will deliver to WR13, WR14 or WR2 postcodes (£3/order) Dismiss