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Bennetts Farms is a family run dairy farm in Worcestershire. We have been milking cows at Manor Farm, Lower Wick since 1918.  The farm is on the city limits of Worcester and is regularly flooded by the Rivers Teme and Severn.  We believe it is a fantastic site with beautiful views of the Malvern Hills. Manor farm is home to our herd of 180 pedigree Holstein Friesian cows. We also tenant Hayswood Farm, near Malvern which is used to rear our young stock and grow additional forage for winter. Hayswood Farm has also been diversified into educating the next generation and is home to Madresfield Early Years Centre.

Bennetts Farms’ core business is to produce milk, 90% which supplies a co-operative dairy and 10% goes to manufacture the delicious Bennetts Ice Cream. We currently produce approximately 1.2 million litres of milk each year. We also operate a small livery yard at Hayswood Farm and have just begun retailing our own beef boxes.

Bennetts Farm Home

Premium Beef Boxes – Born and reared on the farm

At Bennetts Farms we take pride in the welfare and breeding that goes into our cows. All our livestock are reared and cared for in accordance with the Red Tractor farm assurance scheme.

We are now offering beef from our pedigree cows for sale in 2kg, 2.5kg or 5kg beef boxes each month. Visit our Farm Produce page to order some affordable, local, traceable and really tasty beef.

Grazing ponies at Bennetts Farms

Horse Stabling – 3 miles from the centre of Malvern

Hayswood Farm in Madresfield includes a small and friendly equine facility. We have 11 stables in aesthetic Georgian buildings of varying sizes and adequate grazing.  The farm is really convenient for Malvern, and the Old Hills and Malvern commons are all within hacking distance.

We offer livery on a DIY basis for £65 per month and have vacancies now.

Prototype yurt 1 at Bennetts Farms

Visit our luxury yurts or Caravan Club site

There are not many places where you can stay in beautiful midlands countryside and be a 20 minute riverside walk from a Cathedral town centre. We have pub on site and the Malvern Hills, Malvern Spa, West Midland Safari Park, Severn Valley Railway, and many other attractions are just a short drive away.

Either stay in your own caravan or treat yourself to a night of luxury in one of our fully furnished British made yurts.

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